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Many rotary table manufacturers outsource gear fabrication to lower costs. While that strategy may offer short term cost savings, Index Design’s American made rotary tables are built with gears cut in house. This is the only way to closely monitor and control tolerances, consistency and performance.

Our rotary tables incorporate large diameter high tensile bronze worm gears mated against hardened steel drive shafts. The combination of metal gives superior wear properties for long lasting operation. As the rotary table is run, the properties of a tin bronze gear develops a low friction deposit on the mating steel drive shaft. These deposits fill in microscopic pores of the mating surface. Over time, as these deposits are embedded on the surface, wear decreases followed by a reduction in frictional forces within the gear assembly.



Laser Calibration.jpg

Final inspection and verification of specification performance is done with precision calibration equipment capable of measure tolerances of +/- 1 arc second in any position. Any deviations from specified angular positions are corrected so our customers can be assured that they are receiving the performance we guarantee.

In addition, the data gathered from our automated calibration procedure allow our engineers to assess, monitor and improve the static and dynamic performance of prototype rotary tables during the design phase.


Our engineers have a long and rich history in the machine tool business, they combine decades of both CNC machine tool and rotary table manufacturing experience with the latest design tools to produce rotary tables with superior performance and dependability.

Our CAD/CAM software is used to analyze displacement and stress for each component, sub-assembly and total assembly. However, the best software and technology is worth next to nothing if no one understands the craftsmanship. This is particularly true when manufacturing precision rotary tables which involves many steps. Despite all the modernization and automation available, a large part of the manufacturing process is still completed by hand. At Index Designs, we understand and appreciate craftsmanship, It is designed and built into our products.

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