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6.75-inch (171mm) Pneumatic 5th Axis Indexer

   1       171 mm     
Note: Motor cover size and shape varies with motor type.   Rotary table not included, shown with VH-6.

It’s true that less than 10% of machined parts require simultaneous 5-axis movement. Which means that more than 90% of the parts machined in a typical job shop would not benefit from expensive, complicated, full 5-axis contouring; but that doesn’t mean your shop wouldn’t benefit from simple, affordable, 5-axis indexing capability.  Work platter: Available in 6.75" diameter, T-sloted platters with drilled and tapped holes to accept Raptor or any brand work-holding, vises, fixtures, chucks, etc. Also available in dual-spindle system for increased efficiencies by cutting the number of tool changes in half.

VH11 with 8chuck 1.jpg

2 Ways to Buy

1.  Quindex Pneumatic 5th Axis Bolt-on kit:  Easily bolts-up to your existing true 4th or semi-4th axis rotary table. Shop air drives the spindle 90 degrees up against hard stops as well as provides 300 lbs. of brake force to allow for heavy cuts. A simple M-code or relay closure triggers indexing. This is the most cost-effective option to start 5-sided machining and is designed to mount to most other brands of rotary tables. (As well as ours of course!) 

Starting price: $9,995 (60 lbs.)

Note: Prices do not include installation or parameter changes that may be necessary to adjust for different gear ratios. 


2.  Quindex Semi 4th and Pneumatic 5th Axis Package:  This package is everything you need to turn your 3-axis machine into a 5-axis workhorse.  This package comes completely assembled and mounted on a subplate for a fast, accurate set-ups.

Package includes:

• VH-6 Semi-4th axis Rotary Table including servo motor and cables
• Quindex Pneumatic 5th Axis Indexer
• Outboard support with air line connections
• All the above mounted on a subplate
• Programmable single axis control box


Package Price: $19,995

Indexer Box.249.png
Quindex for website.jpg

Other optional configurations include:


Index Designs true 4th axis rotary table with Quindex 5th axis head, outboard support all mounted on a subplate. Call or email for quote on your specific machine. Please provide year, machine and control
brand with model number and if machine is 4th axis ready including amplifier. For example: 2015, XYZ machine with Fanuc OiMF control, not 4th axis ready, no amp.

Dual Quindex heads on any of the above configurations. Increase your output and cut your tool changes in half by machining two parts in one set-up. Add $4995.



210 mm Rotary Table




210 mm w/ 3.27" Thru


280 mm Rotary Table




381 mm Rotary Table

 All prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Freight, rigging, state & local taxes, vendor installation charges, and other dealer installed accessories are not included. All prices are in U.S. dollars. 

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