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5C Collet Chucks

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Air Collet Closers

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Air Hydraulic Brake

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Chick Workholding

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5C Collet Chucks

Add versatility and quick part changing capability to your VH-6 or VH-8 rotary table by mounting a 5C collet chuck and draw bar. Fast, precise work holding is achieved using either a manual handle or simply flip a switch on our pneumatic collet closer.


Air Collet Closers

For faster, easier and more reliable collet closing, upgrade your VH-5C or multi-head 5C with our superior designed air collet closer. Our unique springless closers use a multiplier for both the clamping and releasing of the collet so parts never get stuck. Just connect an air supply, adjust your collet and flip a switch on the two-way valve to easily clamp and unclamp your parts.


Air Over Hydraulic Brake Amplifier   

Greatly increases brake holding power for those tougher metals, or if you simply want take on some heavier cutting.  Also includes a stronger backplate, which is a must for this added power.  Compatible with the VH7, VH8, VH8-XL, VH11, VH15, and the TR8 (B-Axis only).  


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For holding your cylindrical parts, 3-Jaw manual scroll chucks are available in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 15" sizes. Each one comes with a set of top, reversible hard jaws and utilize the adjust true feature. With the optional adapter plate, indicating the chuck is a snap using the 4 radial adjustment screws that push off the registration boss of the adapter plate.   


The indexer subsystem by Chick Work-holding is a newley offered accessory.  

Upgrade your vertical machine center with an Indexer Subsystem that enhances machine productivity with mutiple workable sides, giving your vertical machine the capabilities of a horizontal machine.

•  Increases machine capability

•  Fast, accurate, and easy to use work-
   holding system

•  Holds 8 parts via soft jaws that have a
   quick remove system

•  Vice is fully customizable to fit both large
   and small parts.


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Chick Workholding

Indexer Subsystem


Select a center line height below to view model in 3D:


For your long parts that need outboard support, we offer 2 types of tailstocks. Choose either the manual hand crank model or reduce operator fatigue and clamp with a flip of a switch with our pneumatic tailstock.  All tailstocks have a 1.5" stroke  on the quill and are available with the same center height as our rotary tables and will line up perfectly when using the table T-slot. Both versions have a Morse taper # 3  that can accept live or dead centers. (Centers not included.)


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