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Modes of operation

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Don't need true 4th-axis? Just need point-to-point indexing? A cost-efficient solution for any CNC machines that is not 4th-axis-ready. This single-axis, programmable control box will add semi-4th-axis 3+1 capability to any machine. It can be easily interfaced using a spare M-code from your CNC machine. Indexing position moves to practically any angle are programmed directly through the front panel of the control box and are triggered by an M-code, or utilize the control box's DNC function to run a complete machine program file from a USB key. 


Don't need true 5th-axis? Our all-in-one control box is a cost-efficient solution for machining parts not needing true 5-axis, simultaneous motion. Our dual-axis controller with our 5th axis head, turns your 3 axis machine into 3+2. This allows you to machine 5 sides of a part, thus reducing the number of machining operations and dramatically increasing efficiency and accuracy.


  • Easily interfaces to any CNC machine and control including Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Fadal, Haas, Hurco and many others. No expensive 4th/5th axis drive needed.​​​

  • 4 Modes of Operation:

    • Full DNC to CNC

      • Complete CNC operation by DNC feed.​

      • All XYZAB moves and CNC code from the indexer control.

      • Run very large programs directly from your USB.

      • Standard G-code functionality.

    • Print from CNC

      • Standard macro DPRNT type commands from CNC.​

      • The CNC feeds the indexer control box each A move.

    • M-function Cycle

      • Internal control box programming.

      • The CNC starts each cycle.

    • Manual Cycle

      • Internal control box programming with start button activation.​​

  • External USB for storage and DNC, compatible with 4GB and above.​

  • Fast indexing to any angle.

  • Portable. Easily move from machine to machine.

  • Operates on 110 VAC power.

  • Includes CNC Interface and RS-232 cables for M-function and serial input commands. No other hardware or electronics needed.

  • Made in the USA.​​​​

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