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            PLATTER SIZE    
      160 mm     
TR-6 website.png

6.25 inch (160 mm) Face Plate
4th & 5th Axis
Positional Indexer

Complete With Dual-Axis Servo Box



Index Designs introduces their all-new TR-6, a standalone 2-axis tilting rotary table and programmable controller that is manufactured in the USA. This all-inclusive package will transform your 3-axis vertical machine into a very affordable, easy to use, 3+2 5-axis machine. It easily interfaces with any CNC machine control without expensive upgrades and complicated installation. Its portability allows you to use a single unit on different machines without extra cost. Its compact design allows for operation on machines with small work envelopes.

The TR-6 can be programmed to index both the tilting and the 6.25” rotary platter to any possible angle in increments as little as .001 degrees. Both axis are capable of accurate positioning within 5 arc-seconds of repeatability and the pneumatic brakes provide up to 250 ft./lbs. of holding torque to help absorb heavy cuts.



TR-6 4th and 5th Axis Package:  This package is everything you need to turn your 3-axis machine into a 3+2 5-axis workhorse.  This package comes completely assembled and mounted on a sub-plate for a fast, accurate set-ups.

The 2-axis controller has many features and has 4 modes of index control. You can choose to have the

CNC feed the controller each AB move using standard print macros or using internal programs with M-
functions or manual cycling. Or, it can provide full XYZAB DNC to your CNC giving you the ability to

run very large 5-axis programs even if your machine lacks the needed memory. Additionally, the control
enables your CNC to access your USB storage key to save and load programs easily.

With the TR-6 and 2-axis controller, integration is easy and cost effective. All that is needed to get up and
running is:


  • Any CNC equipped with:

    • An RS-232 port for data communication.

    • An M-code with start/finish signal from your CNC machine to trigger motion.

  • A standard 120vac grounded outlet.

  • Standard shop air pressure to operate the fully integrated braking system.

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  • Easily interfaces to any CNC machine and control including Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Fadal, Haas, Hurco and many others. No expensive 4th and 5th axis drive needed.​​​

  • 4 Modes of Operation:

    • Full DNC to CNC

      • Complete CNC operation by DNC feed.​

      • All XYZAB moves and CNC code from the indexer control.

      • Run very large programs directly from your USB.

      • Standard G-code functionality.

    • Print from CNC

      • Standard macro DPRNT type commands from CNC.​

      • The CNC feeds the indexer control box each AB move.

    • M-function Cycle

      • Internal control box programming.

      • The CNC starts each cycle.

    • Manual Cycle

      • Internal control box programming with start button activation.​​

  • External USB for storage and DNC, compatible with 4GB and above.​

  • Fast indexing to any angle.

  • Portable. Easily move from machine to machine.

  • Operates on 110 VAC power.

  • Includes CNC Interface and RS-232 cables for M-function and serial input commands. No other hardware or electronics needed.

  • Made in the USA.​

Included in TR-6 Package Above

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