Dual VH-8

Dual-platter, 8.25-inch
(210 mm) Rotary Table

   2       210 mm      150 ft lb.      2.0 in.
Note: Motor cover size and shape varies with motor type.
Dual  VH8.24.png

Increase efficiency and production of your CNC machine with our Dual VH-8. Perfect for making 2 parts at a time thus reducing the number of tool changes and allowing the operator more time to complete other tasks. The standard configuration places the motor at the side or we also offer the option to wrap the motor around the back to save space, reduce overall length and eliminate possible machine interferences. The Dual  VH-8 has twin 8.25" spindles (210mm) with dual tapered roller bearings supporting the front and back of each spindle.  The VH-8 worm wheel is helically cut and throated for increased surface contact between the wheel and worm.  This provides longevity and helps maintain the accuracy of the rotary table over time. There are optional 8" 3-Jaw chucks and adapter plates available as well as a 5C nose pieces with either manual or air collet closers for your workholding needs.

VH11 with 8chuck 1.jpg

DUAL VH-8 Rotary with motor and cables 

The Index Designs Dual VH-8 is a true 4th-axis rotary table with two platters, complete with compatible servo motor, and 9' extension cables ready to plug into you 4th-axis ready CNC machine. 

Starting price: $23,695.00

Note: Prices do not include installation or parameter changes that may be necessary to adjust for different gear ratios. 


For machines that are not 4th-axis ready: Add 4th-axis kit for each rotary table. Kit includes all parts necessary to make CNC machine 4th-axis ready. Prices vary by machine. Call for quote. Does not include installation. 


Don't need true 4th-axis? Just need point-to-point indexing? A cost-efficient solution for any CNC machine that is not 4th-axis-ready. This single-axis, programmable control box will add indexing or semi-4th-axis capability to any machine. It can be easily interfaced using a spare M-code from your CNC machine. Indexing position moves to practically any angle are programmed directly through the front panel of the control box and are triggered by an M-code, or utilize the control box's DNC function to run a complete machine program file from a USB key. 


  • Easily interfaces to any CNC machine and control including Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Fadal, Haas, Hurco and many others. No expensive 4th axis drive needed.​​​

  • 4 Modes of Control:

    • Full DNC to CNC

      • Complete CNC operation by DNC feed.​

      • All XYZA moves and CNC code from the indexer control.

      • Run very large programs directly from your USB.

      • Standard G-code functionality.

    • Print from CNC

      • Standard macro DPRNT type commands from CNC.​

      • The CNC feeds the indexer control box each A move.

    • M-function Cycle

      • Internal control box programming.

      • The CNC starts each cycle.

    • Manual Cycle

      • Internal control box programming with start button activation.​​

  • External USB for storage and DNC, compatible with 4GB and above.​

  • Fast indexing to any angle.

  • Portable. Easily move from machine to machine.

  • Operates on 110 VAC power.

  • Includes CNC Interface and RS-232 cables for M-function and serial input commands. No other hardware or electronics needed.

  • Made in the USA.​

Package includes the Dual VH-8 rotary and indexing box with all the cables
(including 4-pin M-code cable) and motor. Ready to run.

Package Price: $26,490.00

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210 mm Rotary Table



210 mm w/ 3.27" Thru


280 mm Rotary Table



381 mm Rotary Table


 All prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Freight, rigging, state & local taxes, vendor installation charges, and other dealer installed accessories are not included. All prices are in U.S. dollars.